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Samsung Appliance Repair

Experiencing Samsung Appliance Issues? Our Expert Technicians Provide Same-Day Samsung Appliance Repair for appliances like fridge, washing machine, stove, oven, dishwasher all across the Greater Toronto Area.

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Samsung appliance repair

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Meet Max, the visionary founder of Max Appliance Repair, with over 15 years of expertise in servicing households across Toronto and the GTA. Serving the GTA since so long, we’ve become Toronto’s top rated Samsung appliance repair experts.

As a proud family-owned business, we treat our customers like an extension of our family while offering a level of personalized service and pricing that's hard to find elsewhere.

Samsung Appliances We Expertly Repair

Samsung Fridge Repair

Experiencing Samsung fridge troubles? Whether it's cooling issues, odd noises, or any other hiccup, our experts have been fixing Samsung refrigerators since 15+ years. We deliver swift, dependable repairs.

Common Samsung Fridge Issues

Over time, wear and tear can affect your Samsung fridge. Typical Samsung fridge problems that we fix on a daily basis include:

  • Samsung fridge water dispenser not working properly
  • Samsung fridge motor has stopped working
  • Temperature fluctuations in a Samsung fridge
  • Samsung fridge not cooling food adequately
  • Ice maker not dispensing ice
  • Samsung fridge making loud and strange noises
  • Samsung fridge leaking
  • Food in your Samsung fridge starting to freeze
  • Ice build-up in your Samsung freezer
  • Freezer not cooling properly
  • Samsung fridge doors not closing properly
  • Fresh food compartment in your Samsung fridge warming up
  • Ice maker overflowing
Samsung Fridge Repair

Samsung Dishwasher Repair

Whether it's leaks, poor cleaning, or mysterious noises, we've got the skills and the tools to get your Samsung dishwasher issues fixed on the first visit. Our team is fully equipped with the latest know-how and essential parts.

Contact us for same-day dishwasher repairs anywhere in Toronto and the GTA.

Common Samsung Dishwasher Issues

Is your Samsung dishwasher acting up? With their advanced features, these modern marvels can encounter glitches. Check your water and power supply, and if they're good, it's likely a Samsung dishwasher problem. Here are some common issues we fix everyday:

  • Problem with the thermostat in your Samsung dishwasher
  • The pump in your Samsung dishwasher is misbehaving
  • Samsung dishwasher motor acting up
  • Dishes not coming out clean from your Samsung dishwasher
  • Strange noises during operation of your Samsung dishwasher
  • Samsung dishwasher not draining properly
  • An inconvenient leak in your Samsung dishwasher
  • Samsung dishwasher refusing to turn on
  • Dishes not drying properly in your Samsung dishwasher
  • Unpleasant odors from your Samsung dishwasher
  • Soap not dispensing properly in your Samsung dishwasher
Samsung Dishwasher Repair

Samsung Oven and Range Repair

Our expert technicians are fully trained to repair your Samsung ranges and ovens efficiently and affordably. Count on us for same-day reliable service, no matter the issue.

For immediate Samsung oven or range repairs, contact us now.

Common Samsung Oven Issues

Ovens, while generally robust, aren't immune to problems. Regular cleaning and inspection help, but issues can still arise. Luckily, our Samsung experts are just a call away, ready to tackle any oven problem, including:

    • Temperature regulation issues in your Samsung oven
    • Samsung oven won't turn on
    • Inadequate cooking in your Samsung oven
    • Door alignment problems
    • Door closure issues in your Samsung oven
    • Samsung oven interior light malfunction
    • Failure to reach the right temperature in your Samsung oven
Samsung Oven Repair

Samsung Stove Repair

Our experienced team boasts extensive knowledge of Samsung stoves, having successfully repaired countless Samsung models over 15 years. We've earned a stellar reputation for effective repairs and exceptional customer service.

If your Samsung stove is showing any worrisome signs, contact us without delay.

Common Samsung Stove Issues

When your Samsung stove starts acting up, don't fret. Our Samsung technicians have tackled these problems countless times, so you don't have to resort to DIY fixes. If your stove experiences any of these issues or anything beyond this, give us a call:

  • You are unable to adjust the heat on your unit
  • The stove knobs are broken
  • The Samsung stove coils are not heating
  • The coils are damaged or are loose
  • The electric supply is not working properly
  • Samsung Stove burner won't heat
  • The stove can't maintain the temperature
Samsung Stove Repair

Samsung Washer Repair

We pride ourselves on delivering fast, high-quality, and cost-effective repairs for Samsung washers. With over 15 years of experience, we've serviced numerous Samsung washer models, making us the most trusted team around.

Our technicians always arrive equipped with the essential tools and parts to efficiently repair the issue on-site. Contact us today!

Common Samsung Washer Machine Issues

Dealing with washer problems can be highly frustrating. The thought of having to wash all your clothes by hand is not something most homeowners want to consider. Modern Samsung washers come with a wide range of features, and as a result, they can experience a variety of common issues, including:

    • Electronic component malfunctions, sometimes requiring small part replacements, or more extensive fixes
    • Pump problems that impede water entry or exit, potentially necessitating some bucket action while you await our technician
    • Wear and tear on the washer motor, a hardworking part that can break over time
    • Samsung washer not turning on
    • Washer failing to spin during a cycle
    • Drainage issues in the washer
    • Samsung washer leakage
    • Excessive vibrations from the Samsung washer
    • Washer refusing to run or stopping mid-cycle
    • Unpleasant odors emanating from the washer

No matter the problem or make of your washer, Max Appliance Repair will be right over to take care of the issue.

Samsung Washer Repair

Samsung Dryer Repair

Life without your Samsung dryer can be unimaginable. When it stops tumbling, refuses to turn on, or messes up temperature control, it's a real hassle.

But fear not! Our same-day Samsung dryer repair will have your appliance up and running in no time.

Common Samsung Dryer Issues

Several problems could affect your Samsung dryer's performance. While regular maintenance, like cleaning and lint trap emptying, helps, some dryer issues are hard to dodge, such as:

  • Samsung dryer not turning on
  • Lack of heat from your Samsung dryer after starting a cycle
  • Dryer failing to spin once a cycle begins
  • Unusual or excessive noise from the dryer
  • Samsung dryer overheating during a cycle
  • Excessive vibrations from the dryer
  • Samsung dryer not heating up or drying clothes effectively
Samsung Dryer Repair

Common Samsung Error Codes and their Descriptions

Samsung error code 4c

When your Samsung washing machine shows the 4C error code, it's signaling an issue with the water supply. This can stem from various sources, including closed water taps, malfunctioning water hoses, clogged mesh filters, a soiled detergent tray, or insufficient water pressure.

Samsung error code sc

The SC error code shares similarities with Samsung error codes Nd, 5E, SE, 5C, and 1 5C, all of which point to a drainage issue. Typically, resolving the SC error code is a straightforward process, often involving the unclogging of the drain hose, pump filter, or drain pump. Ensuring proper installation of the drain hose can also effectively resolve this problem

Samsung error code suds

When your Samsung washing machine shows the 'SUDS' error code, it's indicating an excessive detergent issue or improper usage. Samsung advises the use of high-efficiency (HE) detergent, specially formulated for modern washers with low sudsing properties. HE detergent not only prevents excessive suds but also excels at stain removal and clothing cleaning.

Samsung error code u6

A Samsung washer displaying the U6 error code indicates an 'unbalanced load error.' This error code shares similarities with Samsung error codes Ub, UE, 1 Ub, and 1U6. Typically, you'll encounter a U6 error code toward the end of the wash cycle or at the beginning of the spin cycle.

Samsung error code se

The “SE” error code on your Samsung washer indicates a problem with the water drain system.

Samsung error code lc

When your Samsung dishwasher shows the LC error code, it's signaling a leakage issue. This error code occurs when the leak sensor detects the presence of water or moisture in the dishwasher's base

Samsung error code ue

When your Samsung Washing Machine displays a UE error message, it's informing you of an unbalanced laundry load, prompting a safety stoppage of the spin cycle. Ensuring even weight distribution within the load is crucial when utilizing a spin cycle.

1E: Faulty Water Sensor

Check for leaks around the washer, then check the drain hose behind the washer to see if it is twisted or obstructed. Try running an empty wash cycle and if there are suds in the water, then you had too many suds in the previous wash.

Samsung error code nd/5E

If the drain hose is kinked, drainage can be a problem. Turn off the washer and examine the drain hose. If the hose is not kinked or damaged or if you don't see any type of blockage that can prevent the drain from draining, you may have to replace the drain hose.

Samsung error code dc*/uB

Pause the cycle and examine the load. If the load is off-kilter or all bunched up to one side of the appliance, redistribute the load to even out the weight in the drum.

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