Fixing Miele G2141scu Dishwasher

We were recently contacted by a client in Mississauga, Ontario, concerning their Miele G2141scu Dishwasher, which was not filling with water. Upon arrival, our technician conducted a comprehensive diagnostic check. The initial inspection focused on the water supply line and valve, ensuring they were both operational and unobstructed. Finding no issues there, the technician proceeded to examine the dishwasher’s float switch, a component that regulates the water level. It was discovered that the float switch was stuck in the ‘up’ position, falsely signalling to the dishwasher that it was already full of water. After carefully resetting and cleaning the float switch to ensure its smooth movement, the dishwasher was tested for functionality. Water began to fill the tub correctly, resolving the issue.

  • Repair completed efficiently on the same day
  • Thorough testing to confirm successful resolution
  • No charge for the service call when we do the repair